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Things You Should Know

Below are a few quick facts you should know before purchasing a BRT from us, or any breeder:

Why is it so hard to find a BRT?

Finding a BRT can be a daunting task, which you may have already encountered. Don't be discouraged! We've been there too, which is why we became responsible breeders. Here are the reasons why it's difficult:

  1. BRT's are still relatively rare, and most breeders have a waiting list, requirements, and crazy rules to purchase, and/or breed a BRT. If you have hopes of becoming a responsible breeder someday, you may find most breeders will try to:

  • Discourage you or make you feel bad for wanting to be a breeder

  • Require you to sign a contract which pays the breeder first pick puppies or money from multiple litters

  • Require you to show your dog (which is time consuming and expensive) and win titles for the right to breed

  • Require you to only breed to dogs they approve of

Does Lionheart BRT have extensive contracts and requirements?

No! Once you buy a dog from us it is your dog to show, breed, or spay/neuter. The only stipulations we strictly enforce are for the healthy future of the puppies we sell, and the continued integrity of the breed, such as (but not limited to) the following: 

  1. Buyers are not permitted to breed their BRT to any other breed of dog (cross breeding)

  2. Buyers are not permitted to breed their female BRT before the age of 24 months (2 years old)

  3. Buyers are not permitted to breed to any BRT that is not health tested, and found to be clear of all genetic diseases

  4. Buyers must not ever have their BRT living outside

Does Lionheart Show its Dogs?

Our breeding focus is producing healthy, show quality dogs for the public, as such, we do not go to shows or participate in competitions. However, our breeding dames and stud are coming down off of champion European and American bloodlines. Our dogs are the offspring of well known dogs with superior health who have won in the ring. Our dogs are also tested, and found to be of superior health and temprament. 

If your focus is owning a healthy, beautiful, show quality BRT with no strings attached, you've come to the right place.

If your focus is to own a healthy, beautiful, show quality BRT from a breeder who will require that you show your dog, obtain titles, owe puppies back, and be told what dogs you can breed to we are not the breeder for you.

What Goes into Caring for a BRT? 


  • Black Russian Terriers are a big, sturdy breed and they grow fast. They need lots of nutrition. We feed our dogs homemade dog food, and they are thriving. We also give our dogs probiotics and joint supplements daily.


  • BRT's come complete with the most luxurious double coat you ever want to see. So unless you're willing to learn how to groom them yourself, you will have to find a good groomer and keep a standing appointment. However, with a little patience, studying, and a few tools your BRT will enjoy being your guinea pig while you learn! BRT's love attention, and will not mind you practicing on them at all. Whatever you decide to do, your BRT should be brushed daily to remove loose hair and debris, distribute natural oil, and to prevent matting.

  • A BRT's coat is actually a type of hair and not technicall fur. We know, cool right?! So if you're allergic to dog fur, you'll be in good company with a BRT. Additionally, although the don't shed like furry dogs where there are inividual hairs just.....EVERYWHERE, they do shed. However, they shed what we like to call, little curly tumble weeds. So instead of finding fur everywhere, you will just see a 'tumble weeds' in a corner or under furniture. Think of what your hair looks like when you brush it and then pull that hair out of the brush. It's very similar to that.  


BRT's enjoy going on walks, and running around the yard like any other dog. However, take care not to have them in the heat of the day for extended periods of time. 

Always remember:

  • Their coats are black and therefore, attract a lot of heat

  • They have a double coat

A good rule of thumb is to have working air conditioning and a fan during hot weather months, and in typically warm climates.

Living Conditions

BRT's are dogs that love to be with their people....literally all the time. This is really awesome if you love to be close and hands on with your dog. However, if you are a person who works away from the home for extended hours and need to leave a dog crated all day, you may want to think twice before getting a BRT. These dogs don't need a lot of living space, but they do need YOU. 

BRT's cannot under any circumstances live outside, no matter how nice your outdoor kennel, etc. is. They are indoor dogs that need to be doing life on a daily basis with their family. They are protective dogs, but highly sensitive, and do not do well in situations where they are neglected.

Have more questions? Click below to check out our Frequently Asked Questions:

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